During my first pregnancy I didn’t do something about this.. On consulting my doctor, I was told that this was normal and so there wasn’t anything to be worried about. But the wetness kept me uneasy at most times. Some days it was more, other days I was lucky to be dry..

I am talking about the vaginal discharge.

I will not say we are ignorant but just that sometimes we feel something is not too important to be discussed with someone so we kind of over look it. We overlook the fact that we can be comforted and it is not so difficult.
On getting to know of Adira leak proof panties, it was like a eureka moment for me.. Just so I had discovered something very useful for everyday woman, and that too of all ages.

• The teenage girls, who have just attained puberty or about to get the pinkies, dont know much of their period routines and dates when they have to be much careful. These panties dont stain with very light flow so one can be careful about when they are about to have their periods.
• Similarly the young school going girls can save themselves from the embarassment of staining from the onset of periods.
• Women with harmonal changes, be it due to marriage etc experience discharge. Why do they have to stay wet throughout when Adira Leak Proof Panties can rescue them.
• Pregnant women (like me) also need this for obvious reasons- discharge due to harmones.
• Ladies with menopause experience abnormal period cycles so a thing like this can help them stay offgaurd from staining in public.
• Sometimes women suffer from some problems like UTIs, yeast or bacteria infections which cause unusual discharges so leak proof panties save them the horror of being wet the whole day.

These are not the kind of panties that you buy when you suffer from something specific but these are just everyday panties for those who are not Khatron Ke Khiladi..😊

ADIRA LEAK PROOF PANTIES made of comfortable cotton fabrics, have a leak proof crotch for enexpected stains. These are available in variety of colors and prints , so a person like me who wants not so boring lingeries can also be satisfied. Adira is always true to its size chart so ordering from their website becomes easy and reliable plus they are super friendly to the pocket.

You can buy these from https://www.myadira.com/leakproof-panty.html