Who am I?

Hi, I’m Shivangi Goel, a content creator, mother of two tiny tots- Vyom & Avrom, and a wifey to an amazing guy named Aditya. Besides, being a mom blogger I am a fully dedicated social media influencer with having a striking followers base on Instagram.

What are my hobbies?

My hobbies are taking the best care of my kiddos and myself. I love to devote my time to self-grooming, personal growth, fitness, learning about child psychology, and most importantly engaging Vyom & Avrom in productive fun activities at home. And while doing all this stuff how does the day go by, only God knows 😀

What inspired me to create the Two Little Feet?

I created this blog in 2017 keeping a wish to document my first son Vyom’s early childhood memories. I conceived my second baby in quite a shorter gap, because of which I had a lot of stuff to be documented in this blog back then. Now it’s not only about Vyom, but we also have our tinniest star Avrom featured here.

What is unique about the Two Little Feet?

The unique thing about the Two Little Feet is that everything you find on this blog is heartwarming because it’s the voice of a Mom! Nowhere I have tried to boast or pretend while writing or narrating my stories. They are genuine and that is why you will find it going straight to your heart.

How can you be benefitted from this space?

This space has a lot of interesting and useful content for you to read covering almost all the relevant topics related to motherhood, babies, childhood, lifestyle, fashion, and positive things in general. You will find me sharing protips about fitness, makeover, self-growth, giving reviews for some really good brands for kids as well! In precise this space is entertaining & enlightening for you in many ways!

What important things I have learned in motherhood?

During the last four years of motherhood, I’ve grown not only as a mother but as a woman in her prime! With the birth of Vyom, I became a mother but it’s only after the birth of Avrom that my full potential as a mother has come out! Motherhood has taught me to be more empathetic, compassionate towards others. It’s only during these years that I have learned to manage my lifestyle for the holistic wellness of my family.

Is this a space to connect with like-minded mothers?

Yass! Though this space isn’t limited to a restricted category of an audience but connecting with like-minded people and mothers through the means of my content is peculiarly on my mind!

How do I keep myself fit and healthy?

I am a fitness enthusiast and I keep myself fit and healthy with a dedicated routine of doing yoga and taking a nutritious diet. My motto is always to be active and healthy.

How do I manage to be a mum of two?

Life as a mother of two is quite a roller-coaster ride! And honestly telling, there’s no rocket science behind it, I just do what I feel is right and in the best of my kids. Prioritizing my aspirations and needs of my kids helps me to balance my work as well as home life.

What does a woman need to do to become a great mom?

There is no such thing as a perfect mom but a mom can create perfect moments with her kids. Doing things for kids with pure heart and care makes everything special and purposeful. But yes! One thing that I would definitely say that to become a great mom, a woman must give attention to her physical and emotional wellness.

Am I a professional blog writer?

No! I’m not, I am just trying to put my thoughts in a prolific and a little creative way to connect with a great audience.

What do I do on the professional front?

I am a full-time social media content creator, an influencer, and an entrepreneur as well! I’ve been privileged to have worked with some really awesome and reputable brands. I create engaging content for my audience hugely on Instagram. You can check out my IG profile at @shivangigoel__

Do I reply to comments and work on suggestions from my audience?

Definitely yes! I jump with joy when I see readers commenting and giving suggestions for improving my blog. I would love to hear from you in my comment box!

Am I open to collaborations?

Yes! I have been working professionally for many brands for the last few years and if you are in any way interested to collaborate with me for promotional activities and content creation, you are greatly welcome!

Where else you can find me mightily active on social media?

Besides, being active here you can see me creating a buzz at my Instagram social media handle. However, I am usually active on both Facebook and Instagram.

Can you also submit your write up to us?

This space is not open for regular submissions but on some special occasions like Mothers’ Day, Children’s Day, Valentine Day &, etc, we run interesting contests asking our audiences for submission. That is time you can surely submit your writeup and get a chance to be featured on our blog.

Have I personally used the products I have given reviews for at my blog?

`I never talk about the things that I haven’t used personally! Especially when it comes to childcare and Mothercare products I make sure that I give genuine reviews to my mom readers to help them to make better decisions.

Where you can contact me at?

 You can get in touch with me at @shivangigoel__
Facebook Page: My Two Little Feet or you can write me an email at 𝘢𝘯𝘴_𝘴𝘩𝘪𝘷𝘢𝘯𝘨𝘪@𝘺𝘢𝘩𝘰𝘰.𝘤𝘰𝘮


Happy reading!