In today’s time, I would say almost every mom has developed an obsession with hygiene for their kids. Not only do I sanitize things around, but always try to catch the first signs of any illness hovering around my children.

Mom is a child’s first teacher and friend. Kids are nothing but shadows of their parents. Not only do parents teach them social rules but also inculcate in them those habits that they carry with them forever. But to teach them things, we first have to learn them, follow them. Just accept it! We moms can’t take care of ourselves. Once with kids, we are running here and there with no time to think about us and our hygiene. Yes, We do take a bath. But is just bathing enough to maintain hygiene?? No. Like I may take bath twice a day, but I feel, I am always stinking as my little one who is just 3 months old keeps throwing up on me. I am so used to it that I don’t even feel ugly about it and therefore never opt for changing clothes whenever this happens. Moreover, my complete bath time getaway (like I call it) is not more than 15 mins including pooping, brushing and bathing… Funny it may sound, but that is just to tell you how occupied I am. I officially wake up at 9 a.m after sleeping tight at and from 9 a.m. to 1 or 2 a.m. at night(till my elder one sleeps), I am all on toes with messy hair and oily face. This leaves me so little time for myself. Not only does this busy schedule eats my me time, but even the intimate hygiene is also compromised. Recently, I got a chance to experience some new products from HIMALAYA for moms. They are: 1. Intimate wash – this wash is definitely better than other washes available in the market. Soap is alkaline in nature and disturbs the ph level of the vagina, when used. Also, during pregnancy, the vaginal area is prone to infections because of discharge which may cause itching and irritation. With a pleasant fragrance, this wash cleanses the vagina and maintains the acidic ph level. 2. Intimate wipes – these wipes are a super hit for, on-the-go moms or while travelling or after swimming. For most women, the vaginal area has a bad odour due to discharges, sweating or some infection. These wipes cleans that area leaving it fresh and tidy. Safe to be used by pregnant women, it is essential to maintain hygiene down below there when washing is not possible 3. Soothing body butters (rose and lavender). Ohh… these body butters have such good fragrances.. simply revitalizing the senses. After or during pregnancy, the skin stretches too much causing itching due to dryness. These body butters have cocoa and glycerine, which moisturize and keep skin hydrated for a longer period. Also, vitamin E protects the skin in its way. And trust me, they are not sticky like other body butters. Just choose whichever fragrance that calms you the most.. On using these products, I was sure that HIMALAYA does think of moms as queens. I am glad Himalaya reminds us how important it is for us moms to take care of us for better-caring of our children. 😊 Below is the link for its the full mom care range. You can buy the products here.