My little grumpy master…

.Sometimes it becomes impossible to handle a cranky kid, moreover when you dont know what the reason is..

.Little Mr. V is now 10 months old. At this montessori age, the baby is well aware that he is a separate being and his grumpy nature will force the care takers to do as he wishes. Though thats not what we want…
.We want an atmosphere which is amiable but not at the cost of a stubborn child.

.So there are a few things you should try with your kid in those difficult times (from my personal experience)…
• When the child had grabbed on to something not meant for him, dont be too hard. Instead of snatching that bug, offer baby a more lucrative item so that the baby gets distracted
• Negative for a negative will never be of any good. Dont shout or scold the kid . Such young Children dont understand words but feelings. They learn words and emotions from us- parents, and we wouldn’t want them behaving poorly with other kids.
• Just change the environment of a grumpy child and he will automatically soothe. Taking him outdoor for a stroll will surely change his mood.
• Sometimes a changed company also helps. Like if the baby is throwing tantrums at me, he certainly behaves fine with his aunt or grandmum and in a while he will forget the dispute.
• Calm, pick the grumpy baby and carry on with your day. Whatever you choose to do, don’t fork over that cookie. That would render the tantrum a success.
• Dont force feed the child or else it may becomes the habit of the child to be fussy at the time eating. Give child some space and inculcate the habit of self feeding whatever quantities the kid may eat at first.
• Try resorting to music or singing as it may divert the child’s mind from the temptation that spurred the tantrum.

All these things work for me and if once in a blue moon nothing does, then god saves me the horror..😂😂😋