I read it somewhere, “while breast feeding is a choice for every mother, it is the need of every mother’s body”.

Though my bf. journey has been very overwhelming.. I have done my best to support it by exclusively breastvfeeding my sun for 6 months and continuing it even now.
But to my surprise, there was no convicing product to help me when I kind of lost hope as I thought my output was insufficient for my baby. .
Recently while just scrolling through IG I bumped into mommys magic box with different types of product amalgamations suiting various needs like boxes for each trimester, a lactation box etc.
I got their L.box and I am amazed by the thoughtfulness of products amalgamated .

• Sweetish house mafia lactation cookies– alternative to those ghee loaded ladoos, these tasted yum while keeping the calories low.

• Coconess Niple Oil– Are we aware of the goodness of coconut oil for chapped nipples? Made with edible, raw,cold processed virgin coconut oil, it soothes and encourages healing.

• Organic Farmers Co Quinoa– Quinoa is a super food for increasing lactation and may help in weight loss too.

• Himalaya Shatavari– It is a commonly used plant for uping milk supply and this tablet form is easily injestible.

• Biosap Lemon Fennel Tea- Fennel is normal prescribed for babies to avoid colic. What better if mommy has it in tea & pass on naturally to baby.

• Ma’S Grace Wonder White Cream– It is a saviour from bad odour made from all natural ingredients like camphor and coconut/lemon/mint/coriander oils.

• MMB Lactation Trail Mix- Made with all naani maa ingredients like coconut, almonds and all those thibgs necessary for new moms to recover and increase milk supply.

• Mama Earth Argan Hait Mask– To help new mums from the trauma of hairfall, this hairmask is a boon in itself.

These are super products for 4th trimester that help in taking care of ourselves along with boosting milk supply to nurse the little ones. I simply loved the assemble and suggest it for all lactating new moms.

Website link- http://mommysmagicbox.com

Instagram link-https://www.instagram.com/mommysmagicbox/

Until next.. stay hooked.