The basic idea of buying and wearing nursing clothes is to feel comfort and do it with ease- nursing the baby. That is why nursing bras ,nursing tops and feeding nighties are impotant.

Moreover in most part of our country, India, a female is given or expected to have a slack period of more than a fortnight, wherein she is made to relax and focus just on her baby.
This is a no outings phase when she doesnt usually dress up .

During this time , nursing gowns come handy the most. The whole day, slouching on bed or couch, concentrating on feeding the child. The young one is also amatuer in latching and needs several attempts to be made to get him/her used to it.
Feeding gowns usually have hooks or zips to enable quick and easy opening and allow comfortable nursing for mother and baby.

Also what I like about feeding nighties is that even if you have an uninvited spontaneous visitor, you dont feel embarassed as you are covered while nursing.
Such is the ease of feeding gowns.

Morph maternity offers a wide range of feeding gowns available in pretty colors and prints with either horizontal nursing option or vertical openables which can be worn throughout pregnancy and post pregnancy. You can them in comfortable cotton as well as stretchsble lizy bizy fabrics.
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