Welcome to my blog

Xoxo, so glad to see you stopping by to peek at my profile! I welcome you to my teeny warm family of ‘Two Little Feet’.

Life seemed to have been running on a predestined path when I became a business graduate, did MBA in HR & Finance and got the moment of working with the British Council and many other reputable institutions as an ESL trainer. But it never crossed my mind that my deep-seated insights about motherhood would spur me on to bring forth a blog to be read by many!

Being a Mum

I began to grow in my all grace and poise as a woman when the world inside me got rounder and wider. That is when I noticed I’ve got so ……

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Bracing Wellness

A wise woman knows that only a healthy mother is in a position to raise blooming kids.
Not very late I understood the importance of ….

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Glam And Grace

Here’s the Glam-Mama for you! Some moms follow fashion, only a few create their own! A pleasure to introduce my sassy and glamorous side to y’all!

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Welcome to this space where I have given my genuine reviews and feedbacks for all the amazing products I use for my kids and myself.

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Photos are living proof of all those charming memories we once had lived with our darling chicks.

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Here is a sneak preview of some of the amazing media platforms where I was being featured! It’s a great motivation

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