About Me

Xoxo, so glad to see you stopping by to peek at my profile! I welcome you to my teeny warm family of ‘Two Little Feet’.

Let me introduce myself to you

I’m Shivangi Goel a content creator, proud parent of two little dudes, and a wifey to an amazing guy. Life seemed to have been running on a predestined path when I became a business graduate, did MBA in HR & Finance and got the moment of working with the British Council and many other reputable institutions as an ESL trainer. But it never crossed my mind that my deep-seated insights about motherhood would spur me on to bring forth a blog to be read by many! Probably it was fated this way that people would know me as a multi-formed social media influencer, would grace me with their adoration and buck up to see me growing. I often say that love is the biggest inspiration in this living existence that can shape you in the best version of yourself. The love that I’ve received from my folks has done the same for me so far, so long!

What about my ‘Two Little Feet’ family

The Two Little Feet is dedicated to my precious sons – Vyom & Avrom. It is my first ever blog that I created in 2017 with the inclination of documenting all the bontemps and hullabaloos of Vyom’s initial years. Before I could actually fetch some real-time to carry out my wish to run this blog, delightful tam-tam for second-time pregnancy already began to ring! Time passed by and my excitement to document babies’ things turned into a wish to weave all my evolved moments as a mum into heartwarming stories. And this is how with Vyom the Two Little Feet family was crafted and with Avrom, it has evolved and still blooming. Your journey with my irresistible family would surely be filled with joy, giggles, and warmth as everything you’ll see and read here going to melt your heart.

Another glance of me

believe in kindness and spreading love.
I am a big-time fitness enthusiast, every new day gets its kick start with a morning yoga routine.
I have a deep longing to know about child psychology that has led me to study it officially.
I wish we all could learn from kids how to be honest and lively in life! We, adults, have become adulterated too much
Family values are important to me and I firmly feel that kids should be brought up in a joint family system to become more socially & morally responsible. (not to offend anyone’s personal sentiment here, though)


So, now you know me well! All I am here for is to share some heartening stories about motherhood that has shaped me into the person I am today. If Vyom introduced me to all the fanciful tessellates of parenting, Avrom arrived in my life to test my potential as a mom! I’m super happy that you are here to read and connect with me, and full of hope that we all shall learn, grow, and smile together along the way.