***how I weaned my baby***
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To the some hundred enquiries I got on how I weaned my boy, this one is my story.
For the start, I would like to mention that every individual has different ideologies and every child is unique. Not everything is valid on everyone.
1. It must be very well clear and firm in your head that you want to wean. Loose thoughts will lead to failed attempts and will make the process even more difficult. I had failed attempt too almost 3 months ago, snd it made me all the more scared this time. But I knew it was time.

2. The baby may take 5 to 7 days to adjust and your body may take even more. Just maintain calm because the next day will be better than the existing.

3. Give atleast 20 days to your kid preparing him for weaning i.e reduce the no.of feeds to the least. You can completely omit the day feeds or give a single feed in day and very few at nights. Trust me, your body also needs to be prepared.

4. It is better to wean when the kid is on solids as this way you have numerous options to feed him when hungry. This is after 13 months of age.

5. The kid will cry inconsolably for the first night, be prepared and strong. Your body will also respond- bust being heavy, engorgement. I even suffered from fever. So keep an extra helping hand ready. Prefer someone else like your husband or mil or mom to help you during nights. Try catching up on sleep in the day.

6. Dont forget to consult doctor if your engorgement is too painful. But don’t keep pumping ang throwing as suggested by most elders.. Your body has to learnt to stop producing it and rather you will induce it to produce more if you keep pumping.

7. Your baby would need more of you. So don’t like avoid him too much. I know it is hard, but he would definitely be even more cranky if he doesn’t see you. So cuddle him, play with him.. but just as he is sleepy., seek help from your someone to make him sleep. ( ones friendly with the baby)

8. Last. During weaningof both my lo, I was suggested to put some things that are either spicy or bitter but I certainly didn’t feel that morally right as a mom. What I did was applied transparent tape on my tits so that the baby can see the difference , touch it and even try to suckle but all in vain. This way he will think think that the change is real and he has to wean now 😂🤣

My lovely girls out there…Time is key to heal any freaking thing.. so definitely this process too takes time but again I will mention, do it only if yoh are sure you have to do it. Don’t be pressurised to do it .
This is how I did it.
For anything else, you guys can anytime dm or mail me.. I promise to revert back asap .