I love my child to the most of me

what if one day I see him not taking care of me… hurting me??
This thought itself is nightmarish…
Then how can we do the same to the mother earth – the creator of life..
We all are aware of sustainable living but how many of us do actually practice it..
The easiest of ways is not always the right one…
Following to such ideology, I ordered a pack of Cloth Diapers from

I had always used the disposable diapers for my baby thinking that they were more hygenic blah blah… which I now regret the fact that I have dumped close to 1500 diapers till date.. 😦😭😭..

The following are the things I loved about these cloth diapers..
1. Adjust wrap and snap ..
2. Environment friendly
3. Light on pocket due to reusability
4. Easy to wash and reuse
5. Leak proof
6. Rash safe unlike the disposable diapers
7. Due to extendable hooks, the baby outgrows them after long long time.
8. The quirky colors give a vibrant feel.
The cost needed upfront may be sustantially more but in long run there are definitely savings.
I have shifted to cloth diapering and I am happy that I ever tried it because without it, I wouldn’t have known the ease and benifits of it..
So try it to believe me..👍👍

Stay tuned Until next.

Buy Superbottoms Plus here – http://www.superbottoms.com/product-category/diapers-buy/superbottoms-plus-aio-heavy-absorbency/

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/superbottoms/

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