“Technology can become the ‘wings’ that will allow the educational world to fly farther and faster than ever before; if we will allow it.” – Jenny Arledge

It is technology which drives our lives nowadays. Be it cars, flights, finding our matches online, world wide web or lets just say mobiles.

If we as parents are so much technology savvy, then how can we expect our kids to not focus on mobile phones and focus on an archaic method of play or learn??

I did my 10+2 in the year 2007, 11 years ago and not just the technological advancements but also the psychological changes have been much noticeable. The traditional education system was based on the concept of ‘knowledge transfer’ – the age old guru shishya parampara – which established a clear teacher taught relationship. However, the digital media and the internet has ushered in a democracy of knowledge where education has become a collaborative, self-driven enterprise. Now when everything is also volatile, should our teaching methodology not be in pace?

For such need of ours, I was introduced to a revolutionary product of PEARSON, called MyPedia that supports us in today’s time. For a little background, Pearson is world’s biggest learning company, offering educational courseware, assessment and qualifications, and a range of teaching and learning services powered by technology. Operational in Asia, they know how and what Asian students need.

I was invited for an event at Fortune World School, Noida, to see and learn the various advantages of Pearson MyPedia which the school uses. According to their principal, the modules of MyPedia succeeds to impart in kids the values and habits to give them an improved life. I was surprised to see that the teachers at Fortune World School try to go an extra mile by providing the students a unique and different hands on experience for various activities. For example: One of the teachers informed me how they teach the concept of bone marrow to kids by applying jam on one side of a chapati and rolling it inside. This way they would never forget that the jam is bone marrow and the chapati is bone. Now who would have thought learning at a school can be that different?

Also, while assessing the results of the students, they realised that in a particular class, all the students had done well in the subject which was the strong one for teacher and similarly lacking in the subject in which the teacher was a little puny. This allowed the teachers also too learn about their weaknesses and work upon it along with the weaknesses of the students which was a great part that I loved about the school. The Principal leads a team of young, trained and dedicated faculty members with the primary focus on empowering the ignited minds at Fortune World School. The school encourages their faculty & students to be eager to learn and improve as the learning & teaching environment is dynamic & ever-evolving.
In fact from when I was in school, I was really surprised to see the class rooms at Fortune World School where so spacious, well-lit with flexible furniture to modify seating arrangement. In fact all of them were fitted with all CAL (Computer Aided Learning) equipment’s. Magnetic boards have also been provided for interactive learning.
The complete premises of the school was Wi-Fi enabled, and the most surprising part was that they provide parents with a tracking ID so that they can track and trace the location of the buses their kids are travelling. With one of the finest and learner friendly infrastructure, I was in comfort zone where I understand how easy will it be for the students to concentrate and feel the pleasure of being a student of ‘A World School’ fraternity.
Spread over 4 acres the infrastructure provided ensures a joyous journey through the sprawling building and state of art facilities like E- Tutoring, Robotics, Interactive smart classes providing hands on experiential learning in science, math, computers and languages through laboratories along with indoor and outdoor activities like yoga, swimming, horse riding, skating etc. The school offers impeccable quality of education through a mélange of wholesome educational programme that facilitates child’s quest for knowledge by active involvement, meaningful discovery and simple experimentation which are child-centric, child – centered, teacher facilitated in a “Can Do” atmosphere.

The ‘Fortune’ World School is among the Best Infrastructure Schools in Noida. The school promises to leave no stone unturned in providing the world class facilities for students who will be the ultimate beneficiaries. I am thankful to MyPedia for enriching me with such an experience.
Already being effectively adopted and adopted by over 1000 schools in India, MyPedia aims to transform education delivery in schools by integrating all learning and teaching tools in a well-designed and scientific manner. It runs from pre-primary to 8th grade:
• It not only focuses on better education delivery by improving the way teachers’ teach and students’ learn
• Pearson MyPedia uses a suite of assessments to gauge academic progress in students so that the gap can be identified and corrected
• Knowledge is not compartmentalised like maths or science but everything is theme based to make learning active
• Parents can keep a regular check by knowing what the child was taught in school on daily basis
• Interestingly, the curriculum timeframe is divided into non negotiable (60% of curriculum is fixed) and negotiable wherein the student has freedom to choose what he wants to do like some library time, dance, paint etc.
• The concept of tuitions can be eliminated as the student has access to a lot more detailed data on their app to support the studies.
My elder child is 19 months old and I have started making plans of what all schools should I short list to make his knowledge an effective one comparable with world standards definitely choosing one with Pearson’s MyPedia module with path to opportunity and fulfilment.

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