This is not too long ago when Indian women never used separate clothings and undergarments during pregnancy.

For them pregnancy was a phase wherein they were expected to wear the same old clothes, not at all specialised ones for this time, forget about maternity undergarments…
But nowadays we, the carrying women are way too concerned about being fashionable as well as comfortable in whatever we wear. We all must adapt to the changes in body size, happily😂 and for that changing our wardrobe are must for pregnancy. Maternity undergarments are as important as the maternity outfits.

During my first, I wasnt much aware or I say concerned about maternity wear as such. I thought I will buy bigger size and the problem will be sorted. That made me look like a disaster. I was under motivated for any outing.
But this time, I am much catching up. ☺

Now we girls take care of our outer appearance and sometimes ignore the other necessities too.
Maternity panties are one such thing. There are a few characteristics of a good maternity underpants like –
1. Inhibits growth of bacteria and fungi.
2. Has anti-odor & moisture-management properties.
3. Smooth & comfy lightweight cotton.100% cotton body.
4. With specially treated health strip at crotch.
5. Hand wash / Machine wash in normal cycle.
I found all these in Maternity hygiene panties from MORPH MATERNITIES.

These panties are comfortable as they support the growing belly. With me, it happened that due to early pregnancy, the stiches of my last C-sec happen to irritate me sometimes. And because of the growing tummy, normal panties used to slip from naval and rested on the exact line where I hadd stiches. Thankfully I am much more comfortable with these. Being high wasted, they cover the belly, and support the bump..
So I think this time, my baby will love me a little more for all the little efforts I am putting in to make him and me feel confortable totally. ☺

I got myself a pack of three maternity hygiene panties.

You too can buy it from below..