Mother’s Day comes once a year. It is celebrated on the second Sunday of May. In some countries and religions, it is celebrated as a religious event, but Indians do not celebrate this occasion as a religious event, and it is celebrated primarily in urban centres.
Some children think that if they buy their mother flowers and a card that they have fulfilled their obligation for the rest of the year. If we only comprehended a 10th of what our mothers did for us as children, and how they would give their lives for us, we would realise that one day is not enough. This lifetime relationship deserves more attention and care than just one day.

Since I am a mom, I understand that we play so many different roles and no one could do it for my child.
With motherhood, my respect for my mother rose. I realised she too might have compromised on things, sacrificed her whims and fancies and also missed on major events she probably wanted to enjoy, without any regret or repentance. It is only a mother who can be so giving without expecting or calculating her efforts.

After my marriage, I try to meet my mom on mother’s day not because I want her to know that I love her, I guess all this while, she already knows how special she is for me, and there is a place she holds anyone can never take that . But because my kids know for the fact that wherever they are based in future, they may or may not be staying with me, just one I love you one day would make me feel even stronger and prouder of the beings I gave birth to.

After I became a mom, I realised I have something in me that had never been seen or explored by me. The purity of relationship. The need to maintain the sanity of self to flourish a generation. The desperation to provide a 100 percent of the best of myself so what is learnt from me helps to create a better tomorrow. But do I have to do somethings that are new to me??

I guess not. We all love our kids, and if we teach them to love purely, most problems in the world will be sorted. We all have just become too self-centred forgetting the fact that loving is giving. I have learnt this during my motherhood period. This mother’s day is a little special for me. My son’s mother’s day as an exclusive mom for him.😂
Yeahhh.. It is funny as it may sound, I thought of twinning with him and celebrating this day a little differently, as next year onwards, we will have one more participant, one more angel by our side.
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