FESTIVITIES ARE IN FULL FERVOUR and we do everything from cleaning our places to redoing and redecorating them.
Ever thought that a few #STICKONS or a new #WALLPAPER  can make your place look new and revived???

I never thought that until I saw mycutestickons .

I everso wished that my room had a hint of babish but could never do anything as everything needed a lot of time plus dusty renovations or expensive interiors. Moreover doing your room like baby’s would make you feel like an alien in your own room.

With these, my room look  juvenile without making us feel like staying in a baby nursery.


Now talking about these fabric based stickons-

they are 📣EASY TO STICK and REMOVE, 📣REUSABLE like n number of times, 📣TOXIN FREE


📣STAINFREE and easy cleanable from cloth.

They have wide range of options to chose from. But I chose neutral colors because I didn’t want my husband to feel like he is sleeping a play school ..😂 Moreover, They have wonderful team to assist and understand what we want and customize accordingly. Isn’t it great???


I give them a 10 on 10 as they give the best quality at affordable price

You too can give your room a quick makeover without much hassle. .

Hurry!!! Now you can get a discount of 15% by using ‘’Diwali17’’on their website www.mycutestickons.com