A long time ago… my life had become very monotonous… same routine everyday..then God decided to spank me with excitement..😂😂


I and Aadi had talked about it and decided ..yess.. now we want a child.. we were happy with each other and wanted to experience this new phase of life..


One day I woke up unusually at 6 am. I couldnt sleep the whole night as it was my cycle starting date.. I somehow had the hunch that this was it… I’d read somewhere that for accurate results, conception should be tested from the first pee of day. Thats it… I could see both lines emerging though faded.

I was if I have won the olympics gold medal without hard work.

As I came out, Aadi had a question in his eyes… to which I answered by hugging him.. Now we both walked out of our room to give this news to our family..

But without anything creative.. I walked to my MIL and disclosed the news to her… She kissed me a hundred times and was super elated. Then was my father in law’s turn, and out of shyness, Aadi informed him to which, his reply was hillarious… ”Well done my boy” …. I could not stop laughing at this…🤓

My sister in law was woken by me jumping on her exclaming that we were making her bua.

Then after a few hours, Aadi took me to my mum’s place, where my mum and bhabi were present… My mother, behaved insanely by laughing and crying together just like in daily soaps😂 and my bhabi was glad to know it. Such was my pregnancy announcement….


This was 8 May 2016 and I will never forget the faces of my loved ones then..😊😊😎😍.

Stay tuned for more me..