I belong to that section of Hindu community wherein 15 years ago, women, the married ones were just allowed to wear sarees as their daily attire. I believe one good thing in that attire was the ease of nursing kids in private or in public. In my view saree is a perfect nursing outfit. Just open the blouse, cover with the saree and feed your little one without the fear of peek-a-boos that may leave the audience entertained and make you embarrassed.

Now our dressing has totally changed.

We prefer more of indo western outfits for home wearing than typical sarees. With the shift in dressing comes greater difficulty in feeding our kids in public. Either we have to carry a nursing apron or a dupatta every time we move out.

Nursing in public is discouraged by most people not just in our country but I would say in most parts of the world. That is because we sexualise breastfeeding despite the fact that it is natural and done out of the purest feeling in the world.

If you strictly want to follow the 6 months of extensive breastfeed route, you will definitely have to nurse in public areas and in open spaces be it gardens or restaurants or shopping malls. I was one amongst such.

My baby never had formula. And I found pumping and storing breast milk too laborious after trying for first month. So I thought being shy will only leave me guilty and my baby hungry. That’s how I became a pro in nursing in public.

Something I will share from my personal experience.. I went on a trip to Austria and Prague when Vyom was 5 months old. On the first day, my husband and I had a sort of heated argument when we were sitting in a cafe and I wanted to feed Vyom but because of being surrounded by too many people , found it quite awkward . We found no place which was very private. Handling a cranky and hungry child is very difficult. That time onwards, I promised myself come what may, my child will be fed when he is hungry.. and till the time I breastfed him, there is no such embarrassing encounter I can say. I have fed him at the airport, in flight , on railway station, in train, and at every possible place we could go.

There are a few bits I would want to tell my fellow and would be moms who feel nursing is a nightmare..

1. Have a positive attitude.

2. Take a deep breath and relax.

3. Find a comfortable spot

4. Create your own ‘privacy zone’.

5. Wear two piece outfits, or clothes with nursing slits.

6. Carry a blanket to throw over the baby once he settles down and starts nursing.

7. Baby slings help in NIP after practice.

8. Stay OUT of the toilet for feeding. Who likes to eat in the loo?.

9. If people stare at you, just smile back so that they know they are dealing with an intelligent woman.

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