Menstruation is something as normal as peeing or pooping for me.. but for our society, It is not. There is this stigma associated with it which has been their since ages. I wont say things have not improved ,but we still live in the age where daughters do not go to stores to buy sanitaries and vendors use black packets to seal the packets of sanitary pads not to show these to the world.

It is one thing when you ask for a sanitary pad, but whole lot of a different story when you leak onto your clothes. We also forget that active women are prone to stains. Before you see it in the mirror, you can see it on others’ face. Girls are so conscious of this thing that they sometimes keep asking their friends if they have stained to avoid the public appearance. These are not just young girls, but elder women, also during menstruation, have abnormal flow patters which results in staining and leaking.

With we can spare ourselves from the horror of stain .Their US PATENTED PERIOD PANTIES keeps us safe and stain free during periods. The panties have a leak proof crotch to avoid leaving stains behind or staining behind. In my view it is a must for school girls, athletes, sports women, teachers, and other working women. Hipsters for low and medium flow days and boxers for high flow days are recommended by ADIRA. These are comfortable made with 100% cotton or cotton and lycra blend and are also 100% safe to wear.

Some of the other specialized innovative products by this wonderful womanhood oriented website are the Fresh & Dry Panties, Slimming Shapewear, ‘Lil lady bras and more.

ADIRA in Hebrew is a person who is STRONG, NOBLE and POWERFUL and that is exactly how they want the women to feel.
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