There are so many questions about the starter’s bra that run in a mom’s mind who has a teen daughter :
• Is this the right time for her to start wearing bras?
• What kind of bra should I introduce to her?
• Would she be embarassed by visiting a retail shop for her size?
• What if she isn’t comfortable?

I am not a mom of a girl ..not yet atleast..😋
But I too would have experienced the same things.

I remember the time when I was being introduced to this.. My mum got me a so called sports bra and that was worse than the embarassment . The elastic of it used to dig in my skin making me feel like- how in the world can someone wear this? Perhaps wrong size was chosen for me or wrong fit.. I am still not sure. But after a week of bearing that, I got back to wearing me camis. That came to my mom’s notice and she took me to a good retailer wherein after trying a few , I got my companion..❤

Thankfully she wasnt so orthodox to take me to the retailer, nor was I too shy..
And sadly there wasn’t much ease of online shopping 17 years ago …😋

But with a portal like Adira, this decision is easy as we can trust them for us and our budding daughters. They have two kinds of starter bras – padded ones for concealing the nipples and the quilted ones. They also have these in fragrances like rose and lavender which are something new and are a must try…

Priced aptly rather greatly below rs.300, I believe one must not go anywhere but here for those first stepping stones of youth.

You can buy them from here.