It’s the sweetheart time of the year when we all are in a festive mood with the initiation of Navratri. However, this time the festival vibes are a little numb but I guess by now people have learned to live with these changed life conditions. Thanks to the Navratri, I feel with these nine days it’s the beginning of merry go round. If I tell you about myself, it’s my most favorite time of the year, Durga Puja, Ashtami, Navami, and then followed Dussehra makes me go gaga over these festivals. 

This year literally missed the pandal hopping of Durga puja in GK and CR-Park where I used to visit with family and friends till the last year to celebrate the Pujo with a few of my Bengali friends. But this year had to celebrate it at the comfort of my home maintaining all social distancing. Even kiddos missed going out to pandals and the fun and frolic time with their friends. 

But the best part here is that finally, it’s time to look up to some merrier days to come ahead. I have already begun with small preps for the upcoming festivals such as Karwa Chauth, Diwali, Dhanteras, Bhaidooj, Guru Nanak Jayanti, Christmas, and finally, the year will head to the end. Phew…..

I feel so lucky to have been born in a country with such cultural diversity, with so many festivals and celebrations, life seems full of vibrance and fun. My kiddos are always over the moon for the festival Dusshera & Diwali, they love the colors and lights these festivals bring for all of us. And how can I forget to mention Raavan Dehan, “Mumma Raavan ko dekhna hai”, the whole day goes by in this hullabaloos! 

Seeing kids being so excited about festival celebrations makes me feel so very glad! But as I always say kids learn from their parents and family. Their excitement doubles when they watch me and their dad and other family members doing preparations for festivals. I love decorating my little abode during festivals and seeing me doing all this – kids get thrilled and even want to help me. While I do all that, I narrate the stories related to festivals so that they can understand the true significance of the festivals.

For my kiddos, festivals also mean yummy delicacies, sweets, and cuisines. On every Ashtami, they are super excited for their kanjak, and can’t resist gulping down poori and chole prasad. And during Diwali, there is no number of sweets they can gobble in one go. Haha!

Having a sweet tooth is in our genes, LOL! We all relish sweets, in fact, during this uncertain time I have decided to make sweets at home only. Planning to make chocolates too for them and for the family. Life has taken a dramatic turn this year, people would celebrate festivals but with a lot of insecurities in their hearts. But life must go on! I have decided that I will take care of all the safety measures but would not let the festive spirit get dim anyhow.

 Every time is unique and has its own significance; this year too has come to teach us important lessons. No matter times are tough right now but I’m keeping thumbs up and not feeling disheartened. Let’s enjoy and appreciate what life is trying to teach us. Be there with your kids during this time, cheer them up and help them to sustain their festive spirit up!