There’s a lot of misconception between the minds of many, especially the omen audience who thinks that if a woman does exercise regularly and lifts heavy weight, she can get the same bulked up as men. 

The above statement is borne out of a misunderstanding of muscle physiology, where the belief is that if you lift heavy weights you’ll bulk up, and if you lift lighter weights for more repetitions you won’t! We often forget that men and women both have different hormones, so their bodies react differently when it comes to gaining/losing/toning your body.

“Females can gain muscle just as easily as men- muscle that’s exhausted at any repetition range will get bigger, no matter what gender you are.”


The contradictory statements are proven to be extremely wrong as you’re not working your muscles to exhaustion, you’re not letting it reach maximum value from a strength based training workout.Women’s lower testosterone levels help to limit the muscle bulk so they gain differently than men.

Discussing Strength With The Battle Of Sexes:

Women can get really strong, but their smaller skeleton and muscle mass, along with loose joints and lower level of testosterone generally prevents them from being able to build man-size strength.

A famous nutritionist once said, “Women have 30 percent less upper-body muscle mass than men on average, we aren’t designed to do super-heavy physical tasks. Our bodies are designed to push a baby out, this is how we sacrifice our muscle mass and strength to be flexible”. Adhering to the statement, it is a well-known fact that no one can ever bear the pain as much as a woman does, through-out her life. Similarly, those are some rare women, that doesn’t mean all women shouldn’t try to become as strong as they can, unless you are really going to build that body to represent yourself on the other grounds

On an average, women have less total muscle mass than men, both in absolute terms and in relation to total body mass. The differences in muscle mass between the sexes appear sometime during puberty and remain all throughout our life-span which sticks to the fact that having heavy weight lifting doesn make you bulky as a man.

How Exercising Actually Helps Our Body Regain The Utmost Strength?

● Exercising doesn’t affect you getting bulky like men, rather i helps keeping yor skin glowy and flexible than ever.

● Exercising Helps to build and maintain healthy bones, muscles and joints

● Helps to control your weight, build lean muscle mass. If you are obese, you must go for fat cutting exercises that involves more of cardio.

● A healthy diet plays an important role to maintain the balance between your exercising and body.

● Prevents or delays the development of high blood pressure and helps reduce blood pressure in adolescents and adults especially those who are suffering from hypertension.

● Helps to reduce stress and anxiety resulting in happier and merrier mood!

Wrapping up: exercising daily, is a part of a healthy routine. Be it for men or women, it is important to add up a little bit of cardio and weight training to add up a little spice in helping your body grow, breathe and function better. Apart from helping preserve your muscle mass and bones, it’s a fantastic weight management tool and many people also find getting a stronger body which is incredibly empowering.

For every woman out there, break the stereotypes and move forward with whatever makes you happy, be it weight lifting or dancing!

It’s your body, give it the love it deserves, without an obvious compromise!

Stay woke folks, for the upcoming amazing blogs about my life! Till then, play safe and keep it up exercising!

With love,