Becoming a parent is a decision that leads to making several informed choices to be made in the future. When you are planning to become a parent you are already aware that this decision is going to change you and your life forever! Parenting makes you a responsible person, and throughout – starting from the birth of the baby till he/she is quite grown-up; you need to keep yourself informed and updated about everything that influences your child’s health and growth.

I think vaccination plays a very important role in the overall development of the child. To protect the child from various diseases, no parent should take this process for granted. Taking the baby for timely vaccination is a sign of good parenting 🙂 and I can happily say that I on this part have performed quite well! It was my firm and thoughtful decision to take the vaccination of my kids pretty seriously.

Keeping myself informed about vaccinations has got me to know about the painless vaccines. Let me share some insights with you all about the painless and painful vaccines – whichever vaccine you choose, the pain caused during the shot will be the same, but the after-effects like fever or soreness on the area of the shot will comparatively be less for the painless vaccine and more for painful vaccines.

Let’s take a close look at the insights I learned about vaccination during my motherhood phase.

What are the side effects of a few vaccines?

Some parents think that exposing the kid to the virus in the vaccines may actually result in the encounter of that disease. But that’s not true.

There is a whole lot of R&D and tests are done before introducing these vaccines to the masses so this can’t stand true in this

Some of the side effects of vaccines may include soreness, swelling or redness, fever (not always) where the shot was given.

But this is nothing as compared to the protection from the disease at a country level.

Why do we need to immunize against diseases that have been eliminated?

Here, let’s take the example of Polio.

Even after several years of India being Polio free, the Government still runs the immunization program. It is because – the world is not polio-free yet. the virus can come from any part of the world or any person henceforth there is a need to take safety measures and bring immunization against such diseases not only at the national level but worldwide level.

What should we consider before choosing a vaccine?

You might have come across your friends from other states or countries who suggest something because it is prevalent there.

It’s not necessary that your child needs that too.

But if you’re staying in India, you should and must consider that the vaccine you choose must be WHO certified.

I also suggest vaccines that are preservative-free and comparing the efficacy of the vaccines with the pain caused by them.

Why choose Sanofi Vaccines

Sanofi has introduced combination vaccines.

Combination vaccines mean one vaccine for many viruses.

So children end up getting fewer shots. Also, these are advanced vaccines that are painless, which means no fever or soreness or swelling near the shot.

And if I forget to mention, the trauma that parents go through during child’s vaccination is something we all have experienced.

So these vaccines are safer and efficacious.

I would want to know your views on kid’s immunization and how you tackled the vaccination phase of your kids.

Did you sulk seeing the pain or you were strong enough?

Share anything you want to put through regarding this.

Until next

Shivangi Goel ❤❤