“Education never stops” on that note, let us unleash how parents are affected with the news of the reopening of schools post covid times.

Since Corona Virus emerged as unprecedented times, never in our living memory, we have ever thought for humanity facing such a medical-social and economic challenge that has threatened the viability of all human systems. One major challenge is the education of our children. Being a parent, it is an extremely tough job to send our children away from us for at least 4-6 hours with a thought running in the back of our minds about the deadly coronavirus disease.

COVID-19 did not just affect one arena but it affected the entire nation at varied levels. People had to remain distant from others and of course, the quarantine phase lasted for nearly 5-6 months. The fun fact is, it still is not over and we still have to take precautionary methods to keep ourselves safe. 

Ever imagined how life has changed in just one year? Few months of 2020, where all the family members used to be together 24/7, and now suddenly corporate offices have begun, schools are reopening. Everything has a bright and dark side, but it is impossible to ignore the grey side about how much the parents will be affected emotionally, mentally and physically about letting their child go, with or without safety.

It is a human nature, even if you talk to one person every-day, they become an essential part of your life, think about eating together, sleeping together, playing at fixed hours, helping your children exercise well, letting them do all the fun activities together all for an year, 24/7 and suddenly you come to know you have to send them again and the life will be back to normal?

Of course, we all have been craving for a normal pre-covid life, but spending an entire day with your young ones and family, has been like a routine wherein all you have to do is do nothing, but just chill and find extra-curricular fun stuff for your kids.

Becoming sper close to them emotionally and mentally, haunts the idea of sending them back to their second home, where they spend most of their time. Children might be feeling happy to finally meet and play with their old friends, the same they used to, but being parents it is a hard pill to swallow whilst sending the young flower out with no as such precautions. 
Considering their health, every mother would feel to keep their child safe and secured and keep them at home, letting attend online classes only which is near to impossible for a longer run.

A mother’s heart is always fragile, a father’s heart is always utmost caring, nurturing the kids to young adults or till the time they all are together, is their top-most priority. 

It is like having mixed-emotions kind of a feeling, where you know even after making your child understand in-depth about social disnacing and precautionary methods, he/she can catch any virus from anywhere. 

The factor is not only limited to classrooms, it is beyond the classroom, having P.E. activities, sports and games as well as music, theatre, dance etc. all of which involves a lot of movement and interaction amongst students in proximity or even involve physical contact.

Which requires it to be surmounted and questions that must be answered before reopening schools in the new post COVID reality.

It is important to ensure full hygiene standards, hand washing, wearing of masks as well as social distancing, proper ventilation etc. while at the same time ensuring that we do not limit the interaction amongst the students that creates the magic.

Conclusion: As there will be no one-size which is right enough to fit all solutions, we must acquire the close coordination and cooperation of students, staff and the parents. 

It is now the time that we must rephrase the proverb that cites “It takes a village to raise a child” to “It will take the world to educate a generation amidst change, which is in our hands.”

To all the parents out there, education is important, so is our child’s health. Teach them, guide them and set them free to gain, learn and educate. 

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