2020 really gone! Gosh! Seems like we all had survived it so pretty well, unfortunately, some people couldn’t make it but those who finally made to 2021 only know what a dramatic year 2020 had been! On the eve of 2nd January 2021 when I am writing this blog post I am kind of recalling all the memories of last year that make it so much significant for me. However, the last year had been full of ups and downs and more unfortunate instances but still, it was a year of great learning, a year that brought so many epiphanies and made me realize my own hidden strengths and weaknesses. 

I guess, last year had undoubtedly taught a lot to every one of us in one way or another, the period of lockdown, quarantine, and pandemic have affected our lives drastically. Seems like it was all unplanned and we weren’t ready to face it all but life doesn’t stop like that. Things were halted for a moment, for some time but then we all found a way out to restart and to pave the way for reviving things. The best thing about this time is that we all tried to stand by each other and didn’t give up. We all tried to lead by hope and not despair and that is why today we are able to welcome the new year with such grit, determination, and excitement. 

My bond with my family and friends have gone to another level, I have realized their importance like I didn’t realize ever before. Now, I know how precious they are to me and especially the time of quarantine made me realize how deeply their absence can hurt me. This has been a year when everyone including myself has grown emotionally in the truest sense. Kids learned to be calmer and active while inside the home and we parents learned to be more perseverant with them and other family members in a lot of many ways. 

If I talk precisely about my learnings in 2020 here are all:

  • I learned that emotional balance is very important to have especially if you are a parent and a working woman. It’s important to create an emotional balance between your interior and exterior world. There were many times when I felt like giving up seeing my workload increasing tremendously without any help of house help during the quarantine time, kids’ studies, home chores, home priorities I had to look after everything and amidst all this hustle and bustle I might have had lost my emotional balance. But gladly I had the full support of my husband and family and kiddos. Plus, with my own determination, I finally managed to overcome that time and maintained my emotional balance.
  • I learned to be ready for unplanned things and situations – most of the time in my life I do things with a lot of planning but last year brought many things that were unplanned and unexpected. But thanks to this 2020 that finally gave me those unexpected situations where I had no option except responding positively it.
  • The very important lesson that I learned is to take care of my and everyone’s health in the family. The pandemic has critically proved to all of us that health is wealth and we cannot take any risk with it. If health is lost everything is gone. I am so happy that this year I dedicatedly pursued my fitness regimen and inspired many to do the same. Even my kids too had taken a lot of inspiration from me to be fit and healthy. They are inspired to eat healthy food and don’t create fuss anymore. 

 Recently, with all precautions, we took kids on a vacation and it was worth it, they enjoyed every bit of it! And all this while they were listening to the song “Hakuna Matata…It means no worries, For the rest of your days…” The song precisely means it’s all gonna be okay! And yes! By 2021 it is finally going to be okay, or at least we can hope to have good days and good things to happen in the coming days and months, right? Do let me know how did the last year  treat you? What did you learn, what you wanna remember and what you wanna forget once for all! Till my next blog post.

Happy New Year 2021!