Winter season has already approached and looks like a whole lot of time is going to be spent packing summer clothes and unpacking clothes for the winters. I personally love the winter season – free of sweat and moisture but also admit that it is quite an uncertain time for kids when they are exposed to cold and cough. And seeing the seriousness of the present scenario I feel this winter we parents will have to be a little more cautious for our kids’ safety against infections, blocked nose, and cold & cough.

My parenting experience tells me that toddlers are quite sensitive to such infections and paying attention to strengthening their immunity is very crucial. In winters I prefer neither to overprotect nor over-stuffing my kids with warm clothes but rather focusing on making them internally strong. The focus should be on strengthening the immune system of kids by giving them a good & balanced diet rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals, and calcium. 

If the kids are innately strong they’ll be able to cope up with the effects of infection. So when the winters are approaching my attention gets fixed on making kiddos internally strong. Now, this effort of strengthening the immunity of kids can be done in vivid ways, let me share with you what I do to keep my kids immune and safe in winters.

Give them immunity-boosting foods & nuts: as I said a good diet brings a lot of good for the immunity in kids. Henceforth, in winters I give them foods that are highly rich in Vitamin A, C, and D – foods like nuts, almonds, cashews are very good to boost immunity. I am very lucky that my kiddos are not fussy eaters and relish boiled veggies such as carrot, beans, peas, and spinach which are a great source of vitamins and minerals. 

That one thing I especially like to give to my kids is the Honey, it is a power source of antioxidants and minerals, gives warmth to the body, and boosts immunity. I give them all the seasonal fruits like oranges, apples, pomegranate, sweet potato and they love it all. I try using Ginger and Garlic in meals that contain allicin, a compound that fights bacteria and infection. A bit of cheese and paneer can double the energy and stamina of kids and do you know giving Tulsi in any form to kids can do wonders with their health? If you haven’t tried it yet, do try it out!

Keeping kids Hydrated: drinking plain water is the last thing kids would like to do but keeping them hydrated is as important as giving them a balanced diet. Dehydration increases the risk of falling sick in kids. That’s why I give them liquid in the form of juices and shakes. Hot milkshake is something my kids really enjoy in the wintertime while slurping fresh mixed fruits, pineapple, and even carrot and apple juice is something that they enjoy.

Ensuring a sound sleep for kids: a sound sleep for kids is an imperative part of their lives because sleeping well helps in better growth and development. Toddlers need to sleep for about 12-14 hours. However, during quarantine, the sleeping schedule has completely changed but I still try to make them sleep on time as it helps them to wake up in a merry mood in the morning.

Personal hygiene: keeping the current situation in mind I have become a little more thoughtful of the personal hygiene of my kids. I keep reminding them of washing and sanitizing hands, especially before eating the food,  make them brush their teeth every day as germs often hide in teeth leading to infections and illnesses. I keep on reminding them about the basic manner and safety precautions to take after sneezing, coughing, and blowing their nose. Personal hygiene complement the overall cleanliness and safety of your kids.

Playing activities: with the pandemic, it really scares me to take out kids for playing out. Playing and physical activities are a must for kids as they help the body to become tough and strong. Bones become stronger and healthy. Outdoor activity for an hour in the daytime helps a lot of kids to stay fit and healthy. 

 Visiting a doctor whenever it is necessary: although, if one sticks to a healthy lifestyle everything goes well but never delay to visit the doctor when you feel something is out of control. I don’t like to give too many medicines to kids but I don’t even postpone when I feel kids need medical consultation. I don’t hesitate to see the doctor if the kiddos exhibit any unsought symptoms like high graded fever, dry cough for a prolonged time, shivering and so.

So, these are things I don’t ignore when it comes to keeping my kids strong in general as well as in winters. Let me know what things you keep in mind and follow as a healthy lifestyle for your kids.