Since the coronavirus outbreak has affected our lives once and for all. It is so difficult to still digest the fact about the way we live, work, and co-exist will never be the same. Picturing the entire nation, amongst those who have been victims suffering and frontline heroes has really made me realize how fragile and unpredictable life can be. In very short months, an year ago exactly this time, everything began and the world has changed upside down.

Prior to the pandemic, everyone had plenty of plans to travel around the world, for what they are going to do, how they will do it, who they are going to see, plus there were many couples who have had their lives to be planned on forever in the year of 2020. Since life is unpredictable it is extremely hard to even think of people who have lost their lives and their loved one’s in this pandemic situation. The virus was as little as a pinch but its impact was as huge as a Tsunami. 

Travelling Has Always Been My “Best Friend”

Being an influencer, addicted to such a life I can’t imagine my life without travelling at least once every two months. It was a huge task to get myself intact and busy with other things. There were times I was frustrated for not going out, which is basically every wanderlust’s story, but since it was necessary to stay-in for my safety and especially my kids safety I chose to follow and be sensible/wise about things.

Remote Work Vs Outgoing; From Semi Digital To Complete Digital

I mean, who would have imagined that “WFH” would be a road term that will be used in the future for a long time. Well, pandemic made us believe that it’s possible. Schools started to take up the classes online, workaholics were now laying in bed and working, having their laptops as their best friends, the Bollywood industry got affected and what not. 

The world went entirely digital within a short time span. Remote work has changed the understanding of team management and the importance of Emotional Intelligence centric management, particularly relating to the task or problem, understanding the people and recognizing the small actions that make big differences. I feel pity for the people who are continuing the same way and are still scared about going out or traveling because in some way or the other they have been affected by the impact of Covid-19, which has left a footprint in their minds to be more conscious about their health and well-being.

As now the situation is a lot better than it was an year ago, I travelled to Goa recently! Goa is always a good idea to escape, I mean who wouldn’t love beaches, sunset and the night life there? It is still not the same travelling post pandemic as it is now necessary to get yourself tested before you move to another city irrespective of how many days you are willing to spend on your vacay. 

Driving across state lines can be just as exciting as flying across international borders as it solely rests upon the mindset. Travelling  has shown me that the core of —curiosity, exposure to newness, and wonder which is a perspective, not a destination.

Travel is always a good  option, no matter even if you are still at home, there is no shame, as keeping your health as a priority is the best set of preferences one can ever choose. All this while we became aware of so many terms like social distancing and its associated nuances. Shaking hands is no more a thing to do, or receptive to everything around us, and constantly thinking what if this thing or that person who just coughed is the carrier of the virus. Thus, it made me explore new software applications and the latest digital innovations and how technology can keep people connected even in such a situation!

To all the upcoming travellers or people who are not able to go out- It’s okay to be at home, and it’s okay to travel. You need not to risk your lives to show other people and go beyond what you don’t want. For some, it is important to move around the city, and for some it is essential to remain wherever they are. It’s all about the choice, opinion and preferences. Stop making differences and start accepting others perspectives. If you can see a digi “nine” from your end, and they can see a “six”, none of you are wrong.

After the pandemic, I have encountered that well-calculated plans are not necessarily best bets, but the vision and remaining flexible in my planning is the best way forward. After all, you must believe in wisdom of the saying:

“Man Proposes, God Disposes”

Note: If you are willing to travel across cities/states, do not forget that the virus still exists. Take necessary precautions, carry sanitizer and use whenever required. Avoid shaking hands or coming in contact with an infected person. Always wear your masks and do not forget to maintain social distance, afterall your health is directly proportional to affecting someone else’s health too.

Stay safe, stay woke guys!

Keep up with your good health!

With love,