When a woman becomes a mother the whole enchilada of her life drastically changes! Right from her views to thoughts to aspirations and dreams, everything switches so quickly. Her wishes and aspirations no longer remain her own because now she has a little one whom she has to think about in the first place before pursuing anything else. 

Here, some women completely turn off their ambitions, a few keep them on hold and there are some who try to mold their lives and create a balance between their dreams and family. Now those women are here for the long haul!

Right after when my first baby Vyom was born I initially thought that was apparently the end of my career or probably I will have to take a tremendously long halt to be back to what we call a full-fledged career. But somewhere deep down I always knew that I am a fighter and my baby is not a limitation, he is rather an inspiration whose gleaming face every day would encourage me to move on. 

As Vyom was growing day by day, I was trying to get back to my old routine of work but one thing is for certain that things always change for the better and they never remain the same. Even if I tried to be back to my old career life it eventually didn’t seem feasible with such a small kid. So, I had to look for some other option for work that shall give me the flexibility to work while balancing work and family altogether. 

Thanks to my communication skills and great interest in content generation.  I realized this could be one of the great options for me to go for and that which can help me to feel self-sufficient at the most crucial time of my life. This is when I started as a social media influencer and particularly as a mom influencer. I got to meet so many other mother influencers who also have tried to find a balance between their dreams, hopes, and family. 

Do you know what I believe is needed during all this while? A woman should be open to the treasure of her talents and special qualities. Sometimes, it’s not your qualification but the innate qualities that take you forward in your life. I had a fixed mindset after completing my MBA and that too doing a good job in so many reputed institutions. But today what I am doing is all based on the inner qualities that were always present in me. 

One should always keep different options open for themselves and there should always be a plan B ready if plan A doesn’t work out. Life as an influencer has its own struggles but I am happy because I have chosen this path for myself and I enjoy my work. This work every day gives me a chance to grow and understand what still has not been explored in my personality.

With time I have learned to set my priorities and how to plan and do things in advance, believe me, this really helps me to manage my time with two kids and work. I examine myself and my daily routine from time to time which helps me to know what things I need to cut, clear, and cancel.  I have also learned to set my boundaries and limitations, I know to what extent I can push myself so now neither I over expect nor do I underestimate myself. I trust my partner in my journey and I know he is always there for me, I too make sure that he finds me whenever he needs me. 

These are my ways of balancing my work life along with my family and I am glad that I have been sailing in smooth water so far! Let me know how’s your life has been this while.