Health is wealth! And you know its value only when it is gone and once it is gone it takes a lot to get it back in a given time and space. So taking care of our health is quite crucial. I see many people giving too much concern and attention to taking care of their bodies and fitness which is really a very good thing! 

But have we really been able to understand health in a holistic manner, so far? Does it only include physical and tangible aspects of health? What about the mental aspect of health, shouldn’t it be included in the same when we are talking about health in general?

Our mood, behavior, thoughts, and ideas do have a great influence on our body, haven’t you noticed when you are in an awful mood your body tends to feel low and fatigued and vice versa happens when you are in a merry mood? 

There’s a sudden spark of energy in the body and we feel like getting into too much action at that moment, don’t we? What does all this mean? This means our mental aspect does make an impact on our overall health and henceforth while counting on it we cannot afford to neglect the aspect of mental health at all.  

Taking care of our mental or emotional health is as essential as the physical health but **sigh**, people totally overlook this aspect and stay glued to their fitness regimens because all they want is to do shape up their bodies. 

Mental health in simple terms is all related to our thoughts, ideas, thinking patterns, feelings, emotional stability, and mental wellness. A healthy and positive mind determines great mental health. 

Having good thoughts, feeling positive, and leading your life with a cheering spirit is a sign of good mental health. In fact, to realize that it is okay not to be okay sometimes is also an indication that you are keeping your spirit all upright and on the right track. 

However, to be in a good state of mind is necessary for everyone but did you know we women are more prone to emotional illnesses as we are emotionally vulnerable beings? I’m not here to discuss statistical figures but will talk about what I have observed and feel. 

We, women, happen to be sensitive, although we gracefully carry out our lives, do everything possible to nurture and take care of our families but when it comes to pouring out our subtle and innermost thoughts and feelings we tend to hesitate and usually avoid the moment, don’t we? This eventually invites different types of mental issues like anxiety, mood swings, depression, eating disorders, crying, and etc, in them. 

Amidst the struggle of balancing work, life, and family we usually forget to take care of our mind and soul. I myself do yoga and put a whole of lot hard work into my fitness routine but never really ponder upon how well my mental health is. 

I believe every woman should take good care of her mental health and should make it her priority.  Besides keeping a close eye on the to-do list of errands she should also keep a track of her thoughts and feelings and mood. 

It’s vital for her to check how she is feeling about herself, is something troubling her, does she feel something missing, wants to speak out something or anything she feels needs to be done that makes her feel good about herself? She should DO IT! Talk it out, share her thoughts with someone trustworthy because once it starts accumulating it might burst out like a volcano abruptly any fine day. 

Being a woman and a mum I can understand the struggle of most of the mothers out there! IT IS A THING! And here looking after and nurturing your mind with positivity and hopefulness becomes an indispensable condition. Mental health has to be carried out with a happy mind and soul, so one should do the things that make them feel happy and optimistic. 

Do you wanna know what I do to stay mentally healthy? Here they are:

  • I do meditation or Dhyan, it relaxes my mind and body. I simply sit in silence near nature and do breathing exercises. One can start with simple pranayama techniques to increase the concentration of the mind.
  • I listen to good music it rejuvenates my mind and fills me with cheering spirit.
  • I give time to my hobbies and spend time with my kids. It’s tried and tested friends- spending time with kids can help you release your stress and anxiety. I love to write and dance as well, these activities make me feel great about myself to keep me hopeful to do better in life.
  • I follow a disciplined routine but if someday I don’t feel like doing anything I take off as well and just rest. I OBSERVE, ABSORB, AND WORK ON MYSELF. I don’t push myself unnecessarily at least not for something that might create stress and anxiety for me. 
  • I eat right, eating well and nutritious food also plays an important role in your mental health. The kind of diet one takes affects their mind. So I try to eat a good and well-balanced diet that nurtures my body and brain. 
  • I spend time with friends and family, it’s very good therapy! Meeting people and talking to them makes you feel light and also makes you realize everyone is fighting their own battles. But at the end of the day friends and family are there for you. 
  • I neither compare myself nor my journey to someone else’s. It creates stress and unwanted envy in you, you know? Remember, we all are unique and walking down on our own paths so relax and keep moving forward.
  • I try to help others, this makes me feel good about myself and makes my life easier in a good sense. Living for others, caring for them strengthens relationships and your ties. 

In the end, just wanna say, you are precious and so is your mental health! Take your feelings and thoughts seriously and never for granted. Do what makes you feel good and happy and don’t stress out – remember it is rather more important to realize that you are not feeling okay and give some time to yourself to get back to normal than to deny this condition and keep running from the reality.