Merry, Santa and Fashion: Wish you a FUNtastic Christmas!

Being a Mom of two is hard, especially when they learn to crawl around you and know what they want. Don’t get me wrong, I still think its a blessing but I believe it is especially a great blessing when people around you help you out with the festivities and making sure your children have the best memories.

So, when I came across DLF Mall of India’s fiesta I decided to take my family to this Funtastic Festival happening in DLF mall of India for the entire month of December! Like most children, my kids were immediately attracted to all the fun little activities happening in Hamleys Toy store. My Four year old was more excited to sit in Santa’s Sleigh than on his Lap!

Overall the Mall had everything for all ages, it was decorated in the most beautiful manner, giving our family a memorable Christmas feeling. My husband and I shopped tons while our kids were busy fiddling with the toys available at Hamleys! There were some great deals on almost every store my eyes could see, from valuable and comfortable winter clothes to the perfect time to buy Christmas gifts for friends and family. Don’t be sad, you can still avail the offers this at this weekend’s Shopathon with most of your favourte brands at 50% off!

Festive seasons get especially hectic for me, with the transition of summer to winter, buying clothes for young children is hard, and the never ending gift shopping. So, it was a pleasant surprise to be able to see such variety and discounts on clothes for kids, makes me happy and of course my children happier.

For all those moms who are looking to have a fun time with their kids whilst also enjoying parenting, I would definately tell you to join the festivities at the DLF mall of India this weekend, before December ends to avail on the exciting vouchers/discounts and deals on Food, clothes, Utility and all the fun in between!

And if that excites you and your children then, wait, there is more, a hot chocolate Christmas tree waiting for you at Hamleys and if that wasn’t enough, the kiddo’s are up for a greater treat with the incredible red theme, amazing offers on Toys and the Free Santa gifts! My kids had plenty of fun clicking pictures with Santa and wishing for their favourite toys from santa. Mommy to Mommy, don’t miss this magical experience, make sure you take your kids to the Santa’s Secret Planet this weekend at Hamleys, DLF Mall of India.

Moreover, there was a Christmas flea market, which had all kinds of fun fair foods and activities, like a treasure hunt, Santa sleigh ride, cotton candy machines and much more. By the end of the day we were all stuffed, but it was just perfect because we got to sip on hot cocoa and walk around as there was so much to see, and it helped our digestion along the way!

So, overall this was a great day spent, with lots of fun-filled activities to entertain my kids and me, it would sure be an amazing day for any family and especially busy mums who need to make wonderful memories with their children this festive season.

So head on over to DLF mall of India to get the best prices on everything to gift your loved ones, while also enjoying with the cool little goodies you might find along the way!