I love to take care of my skin because I feel prettier when my skin looks good! Glowing skin is always in and taking care of my skin is way more important than to cover it up with heavy make-up. I utterly believe that investing your care in your skin is going to reflect on your face for quite a long time and above all, beautiful skin brings out a unique kind of confidence in you. 

I’m sure if you are reading this blog you are either the one who takes really good care of their skin or wants to know how to care for your skin and why does it even important to take good skincare? Well! Let me share with you the reasons why one does need skincare and the reasons for which I felt it is significant at all.

With good skincare, your skin starts to glow as it sheds the dead cells and new skin cells keep on generating. With regular skincare, issues of acne, wrinkles, pigmentation, blackheads, and whiteheads stay in control to quite an extent.

Your skin starts to look young and healthy giving your face a radiant look, fine lines become less prominent and you tend to look younger than your age. However, aging is a natural process and we should not go against it still with good skincare the skin could look finer and beautiful even in older age.

 One very vital role that I have observed a beautiful skin plays for us is to boost the self-confidence, it really stands true to every woman! With a good looking skin comes confidence, and one feels better about themselves.  

Now the real thing is, how to start with a good skincare routine? What are the things to be followed? Is it going to be easy or tough? I would suggest that you start your skincare routine with minimum products and choose only according to your skin type. We most often ignore our skin type and end up buying the wrong products for our skin just because either they look fancy or smell good. But that shouldn’t be the criteria for you to pick up any product for your skin.

Make sure that you are selecting the skincare products only after seeing their benefits, composition, and plus suitability to your skin type as I do with my most favorite skincare products that I have chosen after a whole lot of trial and test with different products. 

I have a Dry skin type and as per my skin type, I have finally been able to select the most suitable 5 products that I have been using for quite a long time and seeing amazing results on my skin. I am listing those 5 skincare products here for y’all, you can try them out and if you like you can continue using them for your skin. 

So, the 5 products that I’m going to talk about are 

  1. Nivea Face Wash Milk Delight (Moisturizing Honey) -I just love this face wash as it is easily affordable and great for all skin types. It leaves my skin feeling fresh yet not overly exfoliated as other face washes do. `it gently cleanses the dirt from my skin and pores and adds brightness to my skin. Even in one wash, I feel so fresh, smooth, and hydrated. Women who have dry skin type like me should use this face wash especially in winters, however, it is meant for all skin types.
  1. KAMA AYURVEDA PURE ROSE WATER –  It’s one of the best products that I have used for my skincare so far! First of all, it’s 100% natural and safe to use, it freshens up the face and gives such a nice fragrance! It works like a natural astringent and tightens the pores of your skin also helps to reduce oiliness. It hydrates your skin and gives you a supple, clear, and brightening skin glowing face. 
  1. Plum Grape Seed & Sea Buckthorn Oil Blend – I use it at night. Or even before Makeup. PLum oil blend gives me a deep moisturization, soft and supple skin plus restores the natural glow of my skin. Since I have got a dry skin type it works as an ultimate skin expert as it helps to prevent dryness. Just a few drops of Plum gives me instant glow and shine on my face. It is rich in antioxidants and minerals and has a non-greasy texture.
  1. The Body Shop DROPS OF YOUTH LIQUID PEEL –  It seems to be the best for this season and winters. Just one drop is magical to hydrate the skin. It actually peels off impurities of the skin and leaves it clean and hydrated. It’s very good for people who do a lot of traveling or are exposed to pollution. Using it after a hectic day can make your skin fresh, smooth, and beautiful.
  1. The Body Shop DROPS OF YOUTH FRESH EMULSION– it’s such a good and a really effective exfoliator that gives the result of the peel that we get done after spending so many bucks. Not good for people with extra facial hair, it protects the skin from UVA & UVB rays, this lightweight formula improves the appearance of your skin and moisturizes it too! 

So, here are my favorite products that I routinely use for my skincare regimen, I hope you guys would like to try any of these for sure. And let me tell you that all these products are quite economical except the Body Shop Peel off since it costs a little extra but worth it! I haven’t got to see any side effects of these products on my skin instead I’m very happy with the overall results they bring on my skin.