2020 surely arrived as a nightmare for all of us! hasn’t it? Remember ourselves being so excited to welcome this year but who knew this is going to get this worst? it’s been a drastic hit to all of our lives, not even a single person and country has been spared from the dire impact of this pandemic and amidst all this terror of survival, we are trying to find our ‘New-Normal’. However, the lockdown restrictions have now been a little relaxed but earlier with everything being closed off and locked up in our homes, life seemed to have completely shoved up! I believe all this while, kids are the most vulnerable beings who have got to see a totally different and unsought side of life. 

I mean they are too young to understand and operate simultaneously in these complicated situations. They apparently understand why they are suddenly quarantined but how to cope up with this sudden detachment from their peers and surrounding is a matter of concern. We can imagine what these highly dynamic little beings feel like when they don’t get to see their school buddies, can’t move out freely to play, and moreover can’t enjoy any vacation with family. It makes me anxious to know how frustrating it is for these free birdies to be restricted in homes at this time. This year we couldn’t even take kiddos out for any vacation *sigh*… somehow manage to move out on weekends now and most of the time sitting into the car and barely take them out. 

How to ignore the increasing pressure of online classes that have taken learning to an almost different level. From one-to-one learning to online learning it’s entirely new for the kids. I think it’s very difficult for small kids to sit so attentively to be able to learn and grasp things through online medium. Schools and teachers are pressurized to cover up the syllabus while kids are still struggling with this new way of schooling. And it’s not only about the kids but the struggle has become worst for parents as well. Their workload has certainly doubled, particularly for parents who are working from home. Dealing with their own work deadlines and then they have to stress out for helping their kids in completing their projects and assignments. And let me tell you the assignments are in no way reducing rather increasing in number day-by-day.

The mental distress this lockdown has created among the kids can also not be ignored. How can such agile kids be restricted inside the homes for such a long period of time? Bacche to bore honge hi! Even with my own kids, I see them behaving very cranky sometimes and I know the reason. And this is not all, the restrictions and obligations for safety and sanitize measures are a new kind of mental pressure too! It seems literally impossible sometimes to survive with so many restrictions but as I said in the very beginning we are now trying to find out our survival in this new- normal.

We all can just wish to pave the way for a smooth transition through 2020 and enter 2021 with some relaxation in all aspects of lives. But till then let’s cheer up and try to accommodate the current situation with a positive attitude and be an example for our kids. 

Kids learn a lot from their parents the way we deal with situations determines the major part of their behavior in situations in the future. I always try to pose a positive state of mind in front of Vyom and Avrom and they know Mumma is strong and whatever is happening with them right now, shall pass very soon.

I would like to share some of my thoughts which I am inculcating in my kids that help them to stay happy during this monotonous time of lockdown.

  • Teach your children the power of a smile! Smile in front of them and keep it real! Not a fake one but they should feel the emotion of happiness from within. A smile can take away a lot of stress and anxiety.
  • Tell your kids that nothing remains the same. Everything and every day in life are changing so would these situations be.
  • Tell your kids to be happy with what they have, be it a small toy or small stationery. Teach them to find happiness in their own things. 
  • Tell your, kids, not to compare themselves with any other kid’s situation. Cherishing their own uniqueness and life would help them to stay happy and positive. 
  • Teach them to enjoy in their current conditions and not to stress out about something unforeseen.

Lockdown is not an end, it’s just a pause and only a positive attitude right now can help us to live happily and adjust to this new normal.