You may get the message “Word cannot open the document”. Which means that the data file is certainly not accessible to the current user. If you don’t have the permission to view this, try moving over user accounts or beginning the report in a unique location. To spread out an unopenable document, you can test copying this to a document on your desktop or exterior storage device. Click on the Windows icon and click the Users or Administrator icon. Select Verified Users or Full Control and click OK.

In some cases, the Word record is covered simply by anti-virus computer software. In this case, the user’s secureness settings can be to blame. Fortunately, the problem could be fixed. Allow me to explain know how to fix it, you are able to contact Microsoft’s support team. The company’s tech support team team will be able to help you with this issue and provide solutions for the most common Word concerns. You can also try the steps under to fix Word cannot open the file.

First, reboot your computer. If the problem nonetheless persists, install an latest version of Phrase. If you can’t open the file, try duplication it to a different storage device. If you’ve got another hard drive, you need to use it rather. After duplication the file, try reopening it. Once you’ve solved the situation, Word ought to open normally. There are some measures you can take to fix the problem.