When Aditya (my husband) and I decided to become parents we were very sure of the picture we wanted to portrait for us in front of our kids. We have always wished to become active, energetic, happy-going, and understanding parents for Vyom and Avrom. And believe me, our mindset towards our lifestyle has played a very significant role in the whole projection of this part of parenting. We both are very concerned about our health and fitness and that too not only physical but mental as well. 

While I’ve rigorously indulged myself in a daily fitness routine along with yoga and meditation on the other hand Aditya quite often joins me in my regimen to sweat out for weekends. We go out for a walk where we love to participate in heartfelt conversations to help each other to release stress and anxiety. Being fit and healthy is our choice because we both see umpteen benefits of staying fit as a fiddle for our kids. 

Staying fit will allow both of us to remain as an asset to the family even in old age, we don’t want to become a liability for our kids, plus we both very well understand the fact that happy-healthy parents make happy-healthy kids. This is our perception of fitness and there’s even more to it which I am going to talk about further in this blog but before that, I would like to mention the broader view about why fitness is important for parents.

Seeing fitness in its broadest sense makes it vital for everyone, be it an adult, child, adolescent, or even an aged person, a regular fitness regimen is always needed for all. Extensively fitness includes physical activities and emotional wellness that keep the body, mind, and soul in harmony. Keeping this exclusive relevance of fitness in our lives I and my husband give a lot of importance to physical and mental wellness. 

Let me now highlight the primary reasons that make us so much fitness inspired:

 Healthy parents healthy kids: As I’ve already mentioned above that we want to become healthy parents for no one else but our kiddos, to give them a healthy life and a healthy future. Seeing us fitness driven they would have many significant things to learn related to their health which would become very handy in their future.

Fit and healthy parents become role models for kids: knowingly or unknowingly we parents set an example for our children through our thoughts and actions. I tell you when every morning my kids see me waking up early in the wee hours of the day and spending sweat hours of the morning they literally get excited to follow the same and want to even join me sometimes. I often make them do Om chanting and light breathing exercises which are very good for kids of their age. Seeing their father being so fit and sturdy they feel very good! When asked who do they want to become like in the future? Can you guess whose name they would tell you? It’s not the superman or Hulk, it’s their dad whom they find to be the strongest, the one who can do anything 🙂

Fitness driven parents are physically and emotionally stable & give better parenting: Not boasting but parents who are healthy in all respects are found to be more stable physically as well as emotionally. They certainly are able to give good parenting to their kids in comparison to parents who are not concerned about their health and fitness at all and lead a stagnant lifestyle. Since the day we intentionally began to focus on improving our lifestyle, eating habits, incorporating meditation, and yoga in our routine our whole life has been changed dramatically! We both feel calm and composed and in fact, I in particular have learned to adopt a positive outlook towards life and parenting. Every day I look to better myself as well my family’s lifestyle. 

Fit parents are motivated and empathetic towards their kids: This stands undoubtedly true! Fit and healthy persons always feel motivated, and emotional wellness makes them empathetic towards others. I give you my example, with yoga and meditation and daily physical activity my body and mind keep me highly motivated. I feel inspired and a sense of perseverance that helps me to understand others’ points of view.

Healthy parents offer a positive atmosphere at home and in the family: This sounds very obvious that healthy and happy parents would be able to raise healthy children who are health conscious and keep a positive outlook towards health. At home, they are involved in activities that are enjoyable and learning and have physical importance too. The atmosphere at my home is very jovial with husband and kids, we both enjoy a lot with them. We get involve and let kids involve themselves in different activities.

 Having said that all I would, at last, say that fitness should be a choice that every concerned should proudly make to raise healthy and happy children I am glad that with the right time I have realized the importance of health in our lives and have already begun working on the same to envisage a beautiful lifestyle filled with love and joy.